World Maker Faire Starts on September 21st

The largest congregation of DIY inspired exhibits is soon to take place at the New York Hall of Science. The World Maker Faire is an event which allows the worldwide DIY community to come together and show off their projects. With over 650 exhibits ranging from art and food to science and engineering, the World Maker Faire has something for everyone. Even if you have nothing of your own to put on display, it is certainly an event that should not be missed.

The World Maker Faire shows the forefront of human ingenuity and creativity. Not only does it produce presentations, but it provides inspiration. It shows that even without a large laboratory or extravagent amounts of funding, great things can be accomplished. It serves as a reminder that genius is a combination of hard work and inspiration (although funding and resources certainly do help).

The Faire will take place on Saturday September 21st and Sunday September 22nd. If you are interested in purchasing tickets you may do so here. Or if you would rather read up more on the Maker Faire before deciding if you would like to go, you may do so here on their website. 

Image by The New York Hall of Science, available under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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What are Makerspaces?

Makerspaces (also known as Hackerspaces, Creative Spaces, Fab Labs, Makelabs and in California - Makerhoods), according to Wikipedia,  are open community labs where members with common interests (e.g., engineering, computer programming, inventing, graphic design, etc.) gather to share resources, knowledge, career networking and build new devices.  Generally, makerspaces are designed to meet the following needs:

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