The Factory at Collingswood

Huge selection of old-school industrial grade wood and metal fabrication equipment in Collingswood, NJ

The Factory in Collingswood, NJ is a 13,000 sqft members workshop for artists, craftsman, and innovators supporting primarily industrial tools for metal fabrication and woodworking. There are several band saws, table & panel saws, lathes (including a duplicator lathe), planers, etc. The Factory is more than just a place but rather a mission to bring together creative minded individuals to share an absolutely one of a kind workshop. The magnitude of the space and availability of industrial grade equipment makes this DIY lab truly unique.

The facility where The Factory is housed is quite unique as well, having once been the historic Collingswood Theatre. Listed on the National Register of historic places, the 1928 theater is a beautiful example of Venetian architecture by the famous theatre architect David Supowitz (who also designed Atlantic City’s Hollywood Theatre and Philadelphia’s Goldman Theatre). The arched ceilings and ornate carvings are symbols of the old-school craftsmanship that founding partners Tom Marchetty and Josh Longsdorf are hoping their members bring back to the Camden County area.

The original theatre seating area is now the shop floor, and upstairs will be a recording studio for local bands (YoYo Ma recorded the Grammy winning Premiers – Concertos for Violoncello and Orchestra in this same theatre in 1993). Also planned is a ceramics studio and jewelry craft shop. The makerspace’s focal point, a recreated stage, acts as The Factory’s Gallery where members can display and/or sell their creations (right next to the big yellow submarine recentily built).

The Factory will offer workshops to help members connect their inner artisans with the necessary know-how, and part of the facility is available as a co-working studio. Membership is a flat monthly fee.

Anyone who wants more information on joining The Factory or just learning what it’s all about can visit their website at or just stop by 13 Fern Ave. Collingswood, NJ 08108 (around the corner form the theatre’s main entrance at 823 Haddon Ave).