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Students looking to get involved at school don't have to look far.  Whether it’s a small project with a few friends or a graded assignment due, students are almost constantly working together to pursue their interests in innovative ways.  Makerspaces at educational institutions serve as places to gather students from all backgrounds.  At these makerspaces, art students can collaborate with technical students and business majors, merging design prowess and entrepreneurship with technical knowledge.   Alternatively, if students are just looking to do some casual tinkering, they can come and learn how to use specialized tools and develop a project of their own.  

We salute the institutions listed below who are leading the way to provide a venue of creativity to their students. 

Makerspaces at Educational Institutions

Headquarters at Rutgers

Appropriately nickednamed Headquarters, the Livingston Campus Hackerspace was once the post headquarters for Camp Kilmer during World War II.

ECVTS Makerspace

Located in Newark Tech Room 201 at 91 West Market Street, Newark, New Jersey 07103

BCA Makerspace Bergen BCA Makerspace

The Bergen Makerspace is  community learning center formed in partnership between Bergen County Technical Schools and Bergen Community College. Come learn new skills through our coursework or exercise your creative side in our open lab settings.  They have two outstanding facilities.  See the website.

HackRSpace Rutgers Hack R Space

The Rutgers Department of Computer Science's Hack R Space aims to provide facilities and expertise to allow DCS students to learn about and build electronic devices, and learn about programming new small-compute devices and 3-d devices. 

David Ju Virtual Bio Makerspace

Welcome to the David MC Ju Virtual Bio Makerspace. We say virtual because it is a study in planning on what a Bio Makerspace should be, and how best to create one.

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What are Makerspaces?

Makerspaces (also known as Hackerspaces, Creative Spaces, Fab Labs, Makelabs and in California - Makerhoods), according to Wikipedia,  are open community labs where members with common interests (e.g., engineering, computer programming, inventing, graphic design, etc.) gather to share resources, knowledge, career networking and build new devices.  Generally, makerspaces are designed to meet the following needs:

Looking for specific equipment?

If you're looking for a specific piece of equipment, you can probably find it at our equipment database.