David Ju Virtual Bio Makerspace

Welcome to the David MC Ju Virtual Bio Makerspace. We say virtual because it is a study in planning on what a Bio Makerspace should be, and how best to create one.

An important characteristic of a good association is to support the present and plan for the future. The majority of current makerspaces are primarily digital, i.e. 3D printing, microcontrollers, prototyping, etc.

But what about the yucky squishy stuff?

Bio based makerspaces are starting to emerge around the country, mostly in the form of a member supported models, and typically focused in a specific area of bio science. The question becomes what type of bio centric public makerspaces be? What age groups should be served? (K-6, 6-12, higher education, career changers, and don’t forget John Q. Public). What curriculum should be offered in any educational programs? What equipment should be “standard”?

All very good questions and thanks to the David Ju foundation, we have the opportunity to help answer them. In the coming months, the David MC Ju Virtual Makerspace will be expanding to include news articles, blogs, links, and other resources that can help the community plan.

However, we need YOUR help. Take a moment, take a virtual tour of the makerspace, AND GIVE US YOUR OPINION. We’ll be happy to add you to our Wall of Thanks.

Current TrendsExecutive summaries from our Advisory Panel on current trends of bio makerspaces in K-12, libraries, higher education, and lifelong learning.

News Articles on Bio Related Making - View current news stories we clipped from the internet.
Bio BlogsThe opinions expressed here to not necessarily reflect those of any sane individual.
Bio Links of InterestLinks to known bio makerspaces and other useful resources.
Equipment ListReview our constantly changing list of suggested equipment for a bio makerspace, and suggest some yourself.
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What are Makerspaces?

Makerspaces (also known as Hackerspaces, Creative Spaces, Fab Labs, Makelabs and in California - Makerhoods), according to Wikipedia,  are open community labs where members with common interests (e.g., engineering, computer programming, inventing, graphic design, etc.) gather to share resources, knowledge, career networking and build new devices.  Generally, makerspaces are designed to meet the following needs:

Looking for specific equipment?

If you're looking for a specific piece of equipment, you can probably find it at our equipment database.