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About UsWhat's a "makerspace?" While the term may not yet have filtered down to everyday use, in the age of innovation the concept behind it is quickly gaining momentum.  Also known as hackerspaces, fab labs, and makelabs, makerspaces are creative laboratories where members with common interests-such as engineering, computer programming, inventing, graphic design, and others-gather to share resources and knowledge, network, and build things. See our longer descriptio

The New Jersey Makerspace Association has embarked on an effort to create a network of makerspaces throughout New Jersey with varying concentrations and to connect makers from different regions to each other. As a group of forward thinking and driven individuals, we hope to gather together the bright minds of the Garden State in order to help creators create, and makers to make.  

Our official mission is as follows:

  • - Encourage collaboration and partnerships among New Jersey's makerspaces,  both member based and publicly supported;
  • - Establish strong academic foundations with New Jersey's K-12 and higher education;
  • - Provide technical guidance and consultation for K-12, libraries,  museums, and other public entities desiring to create new spaces;
  • - Create and distribute curriculum for makerspace related educational programs;
  • - Seek grant opportunities for equipment and events (i.e. Maker Faires);
  • - Provide a central website database of all known NJ makerspaces;
  • - Promote makerspaces to our elected representatives. 

The goal is simple - to provide the most productive environments for your creative needs.

Our Staff Visionaries:

First and foremost, the New Jersey Makerspace Association owes its existence toChief Academic Officer for and former Rutgers Senior Vice President for Lifelong Learning and Strategic Initiatives, and  , Executive Director of the Rutgers Office of Technology Commercialization.  Without their encouragement, innovative insight and ability to pave the way through administrative hurtles, we simply would not exist.

Rick Anderson, Co-Director

Rick AndersonRick Anderson is Director of Virtual Worlds for Rutgers University, and President of Fair Use Building and Research Labs. As Director of Virtual Worlds he has grown the Rutgers University Virtual World  from a single sim in Second Life to 24 sims in Open Sim, and 8 sim in Second Life. These environments are showcased as part of Rutgers Day, where over 50,000 people attend, and at least 5,000 people get to ring the Old Queens Virtual Bell. Since 2005, he has taught the School of Communication and Information (SCI) program’s Advanced Web Design course. As a member of Fubar Labs, Rick has worked to provide programs on soldering, basic electronics, Arduino and 3D printing to the New Jersey community. Arduino is an Open Hardware project used by artists and engineers around the world. He is also part of the official Arduino testing team, and designed the Arduino Software Test suite. In 2011, he participated in the Global Game Jam and created the first third party game for the Microtouch open hardware game platform, Heat Death, an

Stephen Carter, Co-Director (contact for press, speaker requests, etc)

email: scarter at rutgers dot edu  phone: 732-921-8294

Stephen CarterStephen "Skip" Carter is the Co-Director of the New Jersey Makerspace Association and the Director of Ther served as Director of Technical Operations for the Center for Advanced Information Processing (CAIP), a nationally renowned research center based at Rutgers. In the nearly 25 years in that position, he participated in many distinguished "firsts" for Rutgers technological advancements including installing the University’s first computer network, first internet connection and gateway (a homemade router utilizing directions from a small two person company now known as cisco). Later he led Rutgers into world class computing power in establishing one of the world’s largest multi-processing systems and a few years later, Rutgers first supercomputer. Mr. Carter is also a successful entrepreneur, having owned several retail businesses, as well as a custom real estate development company building condominiums at the southern New Jersey shore.  He lives in Montgomery Township with his wife and two children.

Advisory Board

We are in the process of recruiting an advisory board of innovative leaders to provide guidance and vision.  Stay tuned.

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What are Makerspaces?

Makerspaces (also known as Hackerspaces, Creative Spaces, Fab Labs, Makelabs and in California - Makerhoods), according to Wikipedia,  are open community labs where members with common interests (e.g., engineering, computer programming, inventing, graphic design, etc.) gather to share resources, knowledge, career networking and build new devices.  Generally, makerspaces are designed to meet the following needs:

Looking for specific equipment?

If you're looking for a specific piece of equipment, you can probably find it at our equipment database.