3D Printer Innovation

Makerbot makes making easy.

Low cost, and do it yourself 3D printing is the cutting edge of the on demand, fast prototyping, and manufacturing. This inexpensive technology allows for the design of impossible objects, as well as practical objects. A missing piece from the dishwasher, to a flash light holder for bicycle. These designs are easily shared via web site like the Thingivierse.com, http://thingiverse.com. Ready for high quality prototypes or small production runs? Services such as Ponoko, and Shapeways are providing high end quality and entrepreneurial opportunities for the 3D object designer.

What are Makerspaces?

Makerspaces (also known as Hackerspaces, Creative Spaces, Fab Labs, Makelabs and in California - Makerhoods), according to Wikipedia,  are open community labs where members with common interests (e.g., engineering, computer programming, inventing, graphic design, etc.) gather to share resources, knowledge, career networking and build new devices.  Generally, makerspaces are designed to meet the following needs:

Looking for specific equipment?

If you're looking for a specific piece of equipment, you can probably find it at our equipment database.